Finance and human rights

Together with Markus Löning, the former German government’s human rights commissioner and founder of a corporate human rights consultancy and think tank focusing on business and human rights, I have created the organisation Finance and Human Rights a.s.b.l. (FaHR).


FaHR is a knowledge hub that builds on Markus Löning’s strong expertise on business & human rights and my extensive experience in the financial sector. Working around FaHR’s three core pillars, Research, Networking and Training, our collaborative platform fosters future-oriented development promoting human rights within the sustainable finance agenda. With this approach, we support various stakeholders of the financial industry to grasp the dynamics of human rights in a finance and corporate context.


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Our discussion paper ‘Human Rights & Finance: What clients want, regulators expect, and investors should consider’ will give you a first glimpse of our work. You can find it here